How do I use a credit card through PayPal?

Customers can also use credit card or debit card through paypal, which I’ve included the steps for.

When you’re ready to check out, go to your Cart.

Choose PayPal as your payment method and click Check out with PayPal.

Once You’re Redirected to PayPal

1) Instead of choosing to pay with your PayPal account, select the option to pay with a debit or credit card.

2) You’ll then be prompted to fill in your billing and credit card information.

3) You’ll need to enter your email address so PayPal can send you a receipt.

4) Click Continue to return to Etsy Checkout to review and submit your final order.

Your payment isn’t sent until you click Submit Order on Etsy.

Care instructions

All drink ware will come with a card inside of them to give care for instructions. Items are not dishwasher safe, and it is recommended to hand wash cups in order to preserve the vinyl applications.

Decals will come with application instructions in order for the decal to look and apply right to whatever smooth service you want.

How do I apply my decal?

Rubbing alcohol
Cotton balls
Vinyl applicator or old credit card

Step 1) Clean the surface where you will apply the decal with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. Allow it to dry.

Step 2) Beginning in a corner, peel the backing paper off of the transfer tape.

Step 3) Place one side of the transfer tape onto the surface, and press it down with the vinyl applicator.

Step 4) Continue applying the decal in a rolling motion using the vinyl applicator to press it down as you go.

Step 5) Once the decal is placed, use the vinyl applicator and rub it firmly from the center point to the edges in all directions to remove air bubbles.

Step 6) Beginning in a corner, slowly peel away the transfer tape at a 45 degree angle.


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