Windy Hill Farm Dorpers

When it comes to farming, the Schoonover family showcases what it means to be hard working faith based farmers. Located in Pavilion NY, they are no stranger to the cold harsh winters, and the agricultural livelihood. They specialize in Dorpers, and have worked long and hard to perfect their breed's bloodline. After working for over 40 years for other farms in the dairy and race horse community, Farm Owner John Schoonover decided it was time to have his own flock and founded Windy Hill Farm Dorpers. With his large family and dedication to success, they are slowly growing into what he dreamed could be their future.


How Would You Survive?

Since this is the first one of the series, I will explain the concept of this creational content. There will be a scenario built with locked in circumstances, you must make a choice and defend why you made the choice. You will be given options that come with set consequences, and pick one of those options for the scenario. Let the imaginative creation begin.