How Would You Survive (Pt. 2)

You are 2 years into total power grid shutdown. Panic started out fast and furious, but by this time there is a new way of life, for those that are left. There are no businesses, no friendly neighborhoods, only decay, death, and the occasional canned food that has been missed for the last two years. There is no longer light, but dark colors of molds, decay, ash, and compost.

To Stay Or Go! The real Challenge Of The American Military!

So here poses the question, do I stay or go? Even worse, for the careerists, do I do 20 or 30? Will I make more money if I get out at 20 and start a new career at 37 instead of 47? The same problem exists, who the hell knows. There is no way to tell for sure until you live that life.

Why Is Everyone Loving These Mother’s Day Coffee Cups!

If your like me, you have a hard time finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. I end up walking through Walmart or Target just hoping something will catch my eye and that light bulb goes off in my head. Unfortunately the light bulb never appears, or what I think is a good gift ends up not in the back of the closet or never used.

Welcome To Tickle Me Creations

Hello to everyone, Tickle Me Creations started in 2013 as we were a young military family trying to get a little extra to help pay the bills. With two small children, a husband always bound for deployments, and a joy Read more…

How Would You Survive?

Since this is the first one of the series, I will explain the concept of this creational content. There will be a scenario built with locked in circumstances, you must make a choice and defend why you made the choice. You will be given options that come with set consequences, and pick one of those options for the scenario. Let the imaginative creation begin.


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