How Would You Survive (Pt. 2)

Welcome to Part 2. Some of you have read through the original strategy post, and defended your choices from the strategy. If you didn’t get a chance to read that particular article, click on Part 1 now. If you have read it, or just want to continue with Part 2, read below. Let the strategy begin.


The 5 W’s


Just like the last article, you are who you currently are. You have your current skill set, physical abilities, and your current survival understanding. With no alterations, make a decision based on how you are right now!


Zombies is no longer the game, you are currently defending yourself from other survivors. Assume you have no family, but you do have a loyal companion. Your dog, is extremely loyal and has great instinct (think “I am legend”). You have nothing in your name but trying to survive day to day. You have a pack full of necessary items to live, transportation, and a goal of where you are heading. Things happen, but at this moment you are full and can find places to get rest. You are always looking over your shoulder, and finding unique ways to provide cover and concealment every night in order to wake up the next morning.


You are 2 years into total power grid shutdown. Panic started out fast and furious, but by this time there is a new way of life, for those that are left. There are no businesses, no friendly neighborhoods, only decay, death, and the occasional canned food that has been missed for the last two years. There is no longer light, but dark colors of molds, decay, ash, and compost.


You are in your current location where you live and work. You have decided to move on to another location, due to supplies dwindling away at a rapid rate.


To survive and find whatever place of comfort may be left.




You are traveling down a main interstate, staying to the flanks in order to not leave yourself in the open. Abandoned cars have piled up along the road, and it is evident that others have already picked through the remains to find what they could. You have done a good job staying out of view, put up ahead you see something of interest. You have already walked 17 miles down this road, and are experiencing exhaustion and need a break, except this particular object has been dropped from above right in front of you. There is no way you can pass this up, so make your choice.

Make Your Choice

The consequence of your choice depends on the transportation you choose. It is clear that someone else was using this mode of transportation, and wandered off through the woods to the west for something. The vehicle is still running, and they thought that they were alone and could perform this task. That doesn’t matter now, either they got delayed, killed, or lost, their loss is now your gain. Make your choice, but don’t forget the consequences

You can pick from the following….

Here’s the catch.


If you pick number one, you will be on the run for as long as you survive. Others will always want what you have, but it could be worth the trouble. It will be a better way of living, you can collect and store needed items easily, and even pick up a companion. If enough efforts is used, you can even find a good place for shelter at night to hide your RV and get a good nights rest. That fear will always be there though, and for as long as you live, you will have to fight to keep what is now yours.


You will have a better chance to stay out of the light, and to remain hidden. You can go off road and get to other locations rather easily that others would have to go on foot for. You can’t store as much supplies as an RV, but who needs that much stuff anyway. The downfall, winters will be slightly tougher than an RV, especially with a jeep with a removable top. That can be fixed though, as long as you stay smart.


Hardly any storage, no protection in the winter, and loud on the road. You can however get away from anyone fast, hide in small places, and be completely badass like Daryl.

What choice do you make? Let us know in the comment sections and defend your reasoning. Good luck!




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