Why Is Everyone Loving These Mother’s Day Coffee Cups!

If your like me, you have a hard time finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. I end up walking through Walmart or Target just hoping something will catch my eye and that light bulb goes off in my head. Unfortunately the light bulb never appears, or what I think is a good gift ends up not in the back of the closet or never used.

“I haven’t had time”

“I haven’t found the right moment”

“I don’t need to use it yet”


Not anymore! This year, I decided to take something that I know she loves, coffee, and mix it up a little. This DIY project is easy to do, with multiple avenues you can take to make it happen.


First, I found these stainless steel coffee cups that I absolutely love. These are 14 oz Townie Steel mugs that can be found online.

Then, with one of my Cricut machines and some Orcal 651 adhesive vinyl, I designed a saying with my kids name and put the decal on the mug. I guarantee she will use this, and its a very simple process.

If you don’t have a die cut machine, you can easily order the vinyl decals on etsy to say what you like and have them send to you in the mail at an affordable price.


You can buy these products already made at our shop. Click on the links below for more information

Mother’s Day Coffee Cup

Mother’s Day Coffee Cup

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