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Hello to everyone,

Tickle Me Creations started in 2013 as we were a young military family trying to get a little extra to help pay the bills. With two small children, a husband always bound for deployments, and a joy for crafting, TMC was created using a cricut mini and blanks found at our local Hobby Lobby.9312544088528042c1ee933b2048dec7.jpg For the first year, our customers consisted of our family, and everything gained was appreciated. Since then, we have grown to two shops, our own self managed website, and distribution from several locations. Although there are still dreams to be chased, we are grateful and thank God for every miracle. At one point, when my husband was a Corporal in the Marine Corps, we were taking out credit cards just to buy groceries for the week. Now with him still being active duty and TMC, we are able to start funds drives, raise money, and give back to those they are in need. So far, we have started fundraiser sections for cancer awareness and donated 100% of the profit to actual patients, and raise money for Autism awareness with it being so close to our hearts. This is the true meaning of being happy, and helping others in need is truly a blessing. Without TMC, it would never be possible.

Along the journey, we have met many amazing people along the way, and enjoy some truly inspirational stories from some of our customers. With our survivor shirtil_570xN.1255024230_rra2 that we first made for our son in 2014, we have had amazing discussions and inspirational stories shared from our loyal customers, and it feels so great every single time one of these shirts leave the door. We hope to continue giving back to those in need, and have a few events in the future that we will be posting onĀ Facebook.


Lastly, I want to end with this. TMC isn’t a money making business that will make us millions in the future, it’s a way to keep things in order and have a purpose when the entire world around you seems to be going crazy. There are so many military families out there that struggle to get by, and struggle to live normal live without stress. For those out there that feel like that have no purpose, or have a small idea but are nervous about leaping in that direction. Close your eyes and jump, take a stab at what you desire to do. Whether you make cards, holiday items, or make candles, find something that makes you happy and go for it. It’s possible for anyone to make a business. As long as your passionate about it and love what you do, the rest will fall into place. If you have any questions or need advice on where to start, please please please feel free to send me a message (Contact).




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