How Would You Survive?

Scenario Based Training

Since this is the first one of the series, I will explain the concept of this creational content. There will be a scenario built with locked in circumstances, you must make a choice and defend why you made the choice. You will be given options that come with set consequences, and pick one of those options for the scenario. Let the imaginative creation begin.




You are who you are currently. You have your current skill set, physical abilities, and your current survival understanding. With no alterations, make a decision based on how you are right now!


Zombies is the game, you are currently defending yourself. Assume you have no family, no pets, nothing in your name but trying to survive day to day. You have a pack full of necessary items to live, transportation, and a goal of where you are heading. Things happen, but at this moment you are full and can find places to get rest.


You are 4 months into the zombie apocalypse. They are still strong, and haven’t gone through a full scale decompose stage. Although they stink, and have begun to rot, there is no Walking Dead hand sliding through a mush of flesh and skin. You are in the year 2018, with current technology.


You are in your current location where you live and work. You have decided to move on to another location, due to supplies dwindling away at a rapid rate.


To Survive

Make Your Choice

The consequence of your choice depends on the weapon you choose. You can pick from the following….

Here’s the catch.


If you pick number one, you will only live for six months. It will be an easy life, without much turmoil. You can easily pick off enemies and not use much energy to escape bad situations.


You will live for five years. It will be a tough life, with hard fought battles. You will be exhausted most nights from swinging your hammer and escaping situations. Although its a tough life, its a longer one. You learn how to swing your hammer with precision and power. When in large groups though, its a difficult task.


You will live for 2 years. It’s an easier life than number two, but tougher than one. You can easily kill off enemies with one jab, and its much lighter to carry around than the hammer. You still have to get up close and personal, but escaping groups can be easily in and out. It not a great life from afar like number one, but you get to live longer.

What choice do you make? Let us know in the comment sections and defend your reasoning. Good luck!

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